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Bestop® Cleaner

2 Parts

Bestop® Cleaner
  • Safely Removes The Toughest Soils And Stains
  • Leaves No Residue
  • Anti-Oxidant/Low PH/No Bleach Formula
  • Easy Application

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Bestop® Protectant

1 Parts

Bestop® Protectant
  • Environmentally Safe And Biodegradable
  • Works w/o The Use Of Harsh Solvents Or Bleaching Agents
  • 16-oz Bottle
  • Not For Use On Bestop Black Or Color Twill Fabrics

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  • No Waxy Build-Up And Easy To Apply
  • 2-Oz. Bottle With Applicator

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Tonno Tonic

4 Parts

Tonno Tonic
  • The Industrys First Powerful UV Protectant
  • Specifically Formulated For Vinyl Truck Beds
  • Beautifies Cleans and Protects All In One Step
  • 100 Percent Safe For All Vinyl Tonneau Materials
  • Tested and Approved By Extang
  • A Must Have For Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Use On Other Vinyl; Rubber; Fiberglass Plastic or Leather
  • Does Outstanding An Outstanding Job On Tires Too
  • Will Not Harm Alloy Wheels

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